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My Thoughts

Well to be honest..... I am not sure I understand why the sale of LJ should cause such consternation.....!!! There are people who are opressed and badly treated in most countries all over the world.... and we still deal with their sites. I certainly would not support anyone who opresses and badly treats their people...... but I feel I'd rather see what happens, then make my decision. I love LJ and it saddens me to see so many people leaving.... even though I have Insane Journal. I do not wish to get into a huge argument here, but I just feel that I'd rather wait and see.
I came to these journals because I enjoyed them.... I avoid getting involved in the politics behind them, I really don't understand everything that happens behind the scenes. I am happy if I can share with friends, post my thoughts and chat with my friends.
I love IJ too, even though finding friends here has been difficult and comments are so rare for me that I have contemplated leaving. Even though I have a permanent account..... I wanted to leave. I stayed because I wanted to see if things would change and I really love seeing the new community promo sites.
I also love changing my layouts to suit my mood. I am not interested in slashing sites..... I leave all stories to the authors who wrote them..... that's just me!
I haven't been doing much writing on any of my journals.... I have had so many activities on due to Christmas and Myrtle Cottage outings etc., and in the mean time I have been playing 'Sims 2' and losing myself in that. I really never feel at my best at Christmas... for some reason.... it is a very sad time for me! I always get really weepy and my thoughts tend to pass over sad memories..... and for the life of me, I don't understand why! I haven't lost anyone and I cannot remember anything major happening to me.... I just seem to feel upset at this time of the year. Over the past few years I have just come to the conclusion that I will not try and figure out why... I will just accept it all and allow time to help me feel better.
I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year......

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Starry, starry night....... Part 3

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Well... part 3 of my Don McLean series is my favourite song.... "Vincent" which tells the story of the artist Vincent Van Gogh. I hope you enjoy this.

paint your palette blue and gray )

WoW I'm a Permanent inmate!!!

Well..... guess who now has become a permanent in mate?
No.... there are no prizes...... it's ME!!!!! Yippee.

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A long, long time ago....I can still remember.... Part Two

The reason I wanted to share this series of remembrances of Don McLean's music was the fact that I heard some of his music while travelling to Myrtle Cottage on Wednesday. I thought that it might be fun to share some music and lyrics.
One of my friends remarked that American Pie was about his only real effort.... but in Australia he had a lot of hits and that is what I remember.
Hearing the song on the bus radio left an impression.... I cannot remember the other songs.
A long, long time ago I can still remember castles )

A long, long time ago...I can Still Remember

Growing up a music fan isn't so unusual, I think most of us enjoyed the music of the day. I must admit when I was young... I really didn't care about music lyrics... I just enjoyed the music and even if the song was dull.... if I enjoyed it that was good enough. However there was one young American singer who changed all that..... his words were as clear and as pure as his music and suddenly the poetry of his songs over-powered me. The magic of his words saw him become a modern day Shakespeare or a great artist who used words rather than paint to give us a masterpiece.
I am sure you all know who I am talking about and I am not alone in my admiration of him. It all seems so recent....... but was it! a long, long time ago )

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Here is my Second.

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There is a lot to think about.... how many journals can a person have? I just wish I had the news to share something worthwhile I feel quite jaded. I am not sure what to do.... but I really am happy to find this journal to add to my collection. The question I have is whether I will keep this journal free or do I seek permanent membership? I know I could never afford to go permanent on LJ and just now I am feeling a bit peeved there. I have made some really good friends there, but I have also been subjected to some very hard judgements by people that really had no idea what they were talking about! I was accused of causing drama, over a mistake I made... so I spent 3 months going quiet in a group there. However.... it seems now obvious that they are not prepared to let it drop.
I am not upset anymore about this, I know in my heart that what happened is in the past and there it will now stay.
I am simply going to write how I want to write and if anyone chooses to brand me a whiner when I have a bad day.... they can! I am human... I have good days and bad.... I have really had enough of people with control issues.
I have Multiple Sclerosis...... I have bad days and good days..... I cannot pretend that it isn't there.... all I do is try and enjoy my days one day at a time. I was a Registered Nurse for over 30 years..... so I know that there are lots of other illnesses far worse than MS. In many ways I am lucky..... but I'm not going to not discuss it from time to time.
I am going to my recreation programme this morning.... the craft today is to be Pot Pourri holders, so goodness knows what I will bring home. I will let you know :)

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